Welcome to our website, we are glad you are here. You are probably here because you are frustrated with your search in finding the right Managed IT Service Provider that truly can provide you with the level of service you really need for your organization or business.


With many IT Service companies out there, how does one choose the right company and know they will deliver on time service?  This was our client’s number one question and biggest challenge until they chose us. We are proud to boast that to-date, we have a 97% client retention rate and each day we continue to improve on our client relation by providing Radical Support.


At NB Technology, we come to work every day because we love what we do and we look forward to solving every client’s challenge as we encounter them. Businesses are frustrated with obsolete technologies and at times are overwhelmed with adopting and keeping up with new technologies.


Since 1998, it has been our passion to remove IT challenges and pain from our client’s plate. By doing so we allow them to focus on what they do best and  grow their business or organization. Each organization’s IT need is different and so are its challenges. Knowing this, we carefully listen to understand our client's need, their expectations, and their future growth potential. This helps us make better recommendations and implement proven technologies that meet their needs and prepare them for future growth. We brand this “Measure 3 times and cut once”.


With years of experience, our clients benefit from our IT expert knowledge. Technology is ever changing. Knowing what resources truly work and are worth the investment of time and money is crucial. This is why we research and train on emerging technology that benefits our client base (such as; Cloud Technology and Cyber Security).


You may be asking yourself, “what makes you any different from other Managed IT Service Providers?


First, we work harder to be your best partner in addressing all of your IT challenges. Essentially your challenges become our challenges and you will soon find out that we take each project personal as if it were our own. Why? Because of our motto, which says: "Your success is our success and we will work harder to help you succeed.


Second, as your partner, we become your IT department and your liaison with all of your technology vendors, including but not limited to: Internet Service Provider, Phone Service Vendor, Software Vendors, and Hosted Service Providers. Since we speak their language better, let us deal with them on your behalf.


Third, being that we have been providing IT services for almost two decades now, we have seen and experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly. We will save you from the bad and the ugly and focus on bringing you better proven technology that work.


Last but not the least, our Radical Support is what our clients rave about the most. As a client, you will have access to a dedicated support number to a live technical support person to help solve technical issues. For those that prefer communicating electronically, we have an online ticketing system too. Because technology is advancing each day, most desktop related issues are typically resolved within the first 15 minutes.


Our ultimate goal is to help you improve your technology and minimize or eliminate all IT downtime in a proactive manner.


Our Motto is:

"Your success is our success and we will work harder to help you succeed."


Become a member of our family today!


NB Technology is fantastic at what they do. They are on time, personable and have brought the Image Gallery a product that has saved us hundreds if not thousands of dollars! I really appreciate they professional opinions and ...

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