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To access the voicemail menu, press the voicemail button or dial *99 on your phone.

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To check voicemail for the line(s) assigned to the phone

Note: If there are multiple lines assigned to the device, select the desired line before completing these steps.

1. Dial *99 from your phone or press the Messages key (depending on the phone model, this button may have an envelope icon on it).

2. Enter your password (Contact support if you do not know your password).

To check or manage other extensions or ring group voicemail boxes

1. Dial *98 from a phone.
2. Enter the extension.
3. Enter the password (Contact support if you do not know your password).

To check voicemail from a remote phone (such as a cell phone)

1. Call your office extension.
2. Press * when you hear the voicemail greeting begin.
3. Enter your password (Contact support if you do not know your password).

Record Directory Name(s)

By default, the dial by name directory will spell out the name on your extension (e.g. "Mike" would be pronounced "M-I-K-E").  If this is not desired, you can record a directory name for your extension. Directory recordings cannot be deleted to return to the default settings where the name is spelled out.  However, directory recordings can be re-recorded.

  1. Dial *21 from your phone.
  2. Enter your voicemail password (Contact support if you do not know your password).
  3. Record your full name after the tone.
  4. Press #.
  5. Complete one of the following:
    1. Press 1 to accept the recording. 
    2. Press 2 to listen to the recording. 
    3. Press 3 to re-record.
Record Voicemail Greetings

By default, the voicemail system will play an automated message (e.g. "The person at extension # is unavailable." ). If this is not desired, various greeting types can be recorded for the extension.  

1. Access the voicemail menu.

2. Press 0 for Mailbox Options.

3. Record the desired greeting type:

a. Press 1 to record an Unavailable Message — This is the default and most common greeting used for a voicemail box.

b. Press 2 to record a Busy Message — This alternate greeting can be recorded for system admins to use in a dial plan.

c. Press 3 to record a Name — This greeting plays the recorded name followed by an automated message (only plays if no unavailable message exists). 

d. Press 4 to record a Temporary Message — When recorded, this message overrides any other voicemail greetings. In order to remove a temporary message it must be deleted.

4. Follow the voice prompts to accept, review, or re-record the recording.

Change Voicemail Password

1. Access the voicemail menu.

2. Press 0 for Mailbox Options.

3. Press 5 to change the password.

4. Enter the new password and then press #.

5. Re-enter the new password and then press #.

Answer Another Ringing Phone

Directed call pickup allows you to answer a call ringing on another phone. 

1. While the other phone is ringing, dial *97 from your phone. 

2. Enter the extension receiving the inbound call. 

Access a Conference Bridge

From Your Phone

1. Dial the conference bridge extension.

2. Enter the conference bridge pin (if required).

3. Record your name and then press # (if required).

From a Remote Phone

There are three ways for callers to access a conference bridge externally:

1. The caller is blind transferred to the conference bridge extension. 

2. The caller is routed to the conference bridge through a dial plan (auto attendant node or conference room node).

3. The caller dials a phone number that is directed to the conference bridge.

Note: Once connected, you may be prompted to enter a conference bridge pin and/or to record your name. 

Send Virtual Faxes

Send a Virtual Fax

1. From your email account, compose a new message.

2. Enter in the "TO:" field. 

  • Replace faxNumber with the external 10 digit fax phone number, without the 1 or any dashes (i.e. 8012321987).
    Note: You cannot send a virtual fax to a number that requires an extension (i.e. 8012321987 ext 1121). 

  • Replace YOUR_DOMAIN with the same domain you use to access the portal.  For example, if you belong to a company named ACME Industries that has a custom domain of "acme", you would enter 

3. Enter the virtual fax machine's access code (provided by a system admin) in the "SUBJECT:" field.  

Note: If you add a subject, enter a space after the access code and then include the subject (i.e. 294034210 March Invoice).

4. Remove ALL text from the body of the email, including email signatures.

5. Attach file(s) to the email.  

Supported File Types

  • Microsoft Office: .doc, .docx, .ppt, .pptx, .xls, .xlsx
  • Document: .pdf, .rtf, .txt
  • Image: .jpg, .tiff, .png, .bmp, .gif

Video and audio files not supported.

Recommended File Format

  • Convert all files to a .PDF or .TIFF for faster and more reliable transmissions.
  • Documents of 5 pages or less (to fax a 13 page document, break it up into 3 smaller faxes).
  • File sizes smaller than 5 MB. Larger files may experience lag time and have a greater chance for failure.

6. Click [Send].

Note: If the fax was delivered successfully, you may or may not receive an email confirmation as this functionally must be enabled by your system admin. However, emails are always sent in the case of transmission failures. Either way, all email notifications come from Please make sure that emails from this address are not marked as spam.

Call Privacy - Block Your Caller ID

Blocks your number from a caller ID for a single call — the caller ID appears as Private, Restricted, or Anonymous to the recipient.

1. Dial *67 from your phone.

2. Dial the 10 digit external phone number.   

Search Dial By Name Directory

A dial by name directory is a phone directory populated with contact information from the PBX. This type of directory allows you to reach an extension without knowing it from memory.

1. Dial *11 from your phone.

2. Using your keypad, enter the first or last name of your destination party. The system will then read the matching contact(s).

3. Press 1 to dial the extension or * to perform a new search.

Warm Call (Attended) Transfer

Places the current call on hold and initiates a call with the transfer destination to confirm whether the call is wanted or not.  The two calls are then merged together.

  1. While on an active call, press .
  2. Dial the internal extension or external number.
  3. Speak with the destination party.
  4. Press .

Note: If you hang up before the call rings, the transfer will fail and the call will be disconnected.

Blind Call Transfer

Routes the call to a third party, the original call is ended, and no confirmation is made to determine whether the transferred call is answered or if the number is busy.

  1. While on an active call, press .
  2. Dial the internal extension or external number.
  3. Press before the destination party answers.

Tip: To transfer a call directly to voicemail, dial 0 + extension.

Put A Call On Hold
  1. Press .
  2. Press the Line key to retrieve the call.
3-Way Calls
  1. While on an active call, press the Conference softkey*.
  2. Dial the internal extension or external number to add to the conference.
  3. Wait for the second party to answer.
    Note: It is best practice to consult with the second party before adding them to a 3-way call.
  4. Press press the Conference softkey* again.
Do Not Disturb (DND)

Enabling DND stops your phone from ringing and sends all incoming calls directly to voicemail.  Calls are logged in your Missed Calls.

  1. Press the DND softkey* to enable/disable.
Speed Dial
  1. Press and hold an unassigned Line key.
  2. Change the Type to Speed Dial.
  3. Enter a Name and Number.
  4. Press the Save softkey*
Transfer Calls Directly To Someone's Voicemal Box
  1. To transfer a call directly to voicemail, dial 0 + extension
  2. Hang up

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