Every business, even if it has only one employee, needs a website. If business owners fail to notice the big market potential of web presence, they may be losing potential clients or customers. In order to survive in the IT arena, they should invest in creating a website and choosing the best web hosting service. The tricky part? You have to critically choose monthly data transfers, email, storage capacity and other features as well as payment frequency.

Our experienced account consultants in NB Technology will be with you to successfully manage the project while ensuring that both agreed time scale and financial budget are met from technical documentation, working prototypes and wireframe models. In this time, wherein devices are becoming more and more network accessible, NB Technology can help your business reach customers at a personal level.


Website Development

We know that a good website is a window to the internet world. This is why we try to build your website as simple as possible. With deep understanding of the customer

Mobile Application Development

The need for mobile web and app development continues to grow. More and more consumers and business users are depending on phones and tablets for communication

Website Hosting

When you purchase a web hosting plan in NB Technology, your site will be stored in our server and will be assigned a unique DNS. The DNS acts as the address that allows


NB Technology provides exceptional service to our organization! Keeping up with several email accounts, a full calendar, and communication between staff was becoming difficult to maintain. However, NB Technology was able to help us become more effective and ...

Donyel Barber

Owner at Family Promise of Gaston