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Superheroes of your IT Services

superheroes in your IT services Charlotte NC
By : Moses Nueman Jr. Managed IT Services Comments 0

With Black Panther recently out in theaters and Avengers: Infinity War on the horizon, it’s hard not to get hyped over superheroes. Most people don’t have Superman in their office or Batman fighting cybercrime. Thankfully, each business has its own set of Avengers to save the day.

captain america IT services Charlotte NC

Captain America

As the leader of the Avengers, managed IT services provides you with the solid groundwork to tackle any challenge. This all-American hero is the most well-rounded of the bunch, talking everything from user support to security patches and nightly virus and malware vulnerability scan. Whatever you need, your managed IT services is here to save the day.

iron man IT services Charlotte NC

Iron Man

Iron Man is all about data backup and disaster recovery. No matter what dangers come his way, he knows his suit (or suits) will keep him safe. Should your files be damaged or system held for ransom, your data backup and disaster recovery services allow you to load your systems just like Iron Man’s suits. Minimal data loss and recovery time allow you to suit up and get back in action. Fast.

thor IT services Charlotte NC


Like the god of thunder, the cloud comes with its own set of superpowers allowing you to cross dimensions. Access information anywhere through cloud-hosted desktop or scale to the size you need through managed cloud server hosting. Some may call it magic, but to you, it’s just the latest technology.

hulk IT services Charlotte NC

The Hulk

Strong and scalable: these are the top qualities of your internet and phone services. Get caller ID across multiple screens, and experience superior sound quality for your calls— all from your current business number. With options for any size business, it’s easy to switch between a smart but small Bruce Banner and the Hulk himself.

black widow IT services Charlotte NC

Black Widow

Silent and deadly: these are the top traits for your network and security services. With tactics such as managed network and appliance security, this super-spy is sure to remain uncovered even to the toughest hackers. Endpoint security protection guarantees that your systems can handle fights with any potential foes.

hawkeye IT services Charlotte NC


While usually overlooked, email is one of the most important aspects of any business. Armed with just the basics, your email service is a fast and powerful tool for getting work done quickly and efficiently, striking with deadly precision. Speed things up with live chat or choose your loadout more effectively with managed hosted exchange email. No matter what you choose, you can’t go wrong.

black panther IT services Charlotte NC

Black Panther

Ruling over a nation can be tough. However, it gets easier with the advanced technology of file share and collaboration at your side. Safely send and receive files with your friends, family, and colleagues without worrying about supervillains or other threats getting in the way.


Did we miss your favorite hero? Let us know what heroes you have on your team.

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