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Start the New Year with Better IT Services

Start the New Year With Better IT Services
By : Moses Nueman Jr. Managed IT Services Comments 0

What New Year’s resolutions do you have for your business? If you are like most people, increasing productivity and reducing expenses are both high on the list. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how you can save by switching to a host of managed IT services:

Managed IT Services

Having a proactive IT service means that you can rest assured you won’t be losing out on downtime for your business. From 24/7 proactive remote monitoring to automatically installing Microsoft Windows security patches and updates to providing live user technical support. Having managed IT services allows technical engineers to troubleshoot and fix system issues before they break to avoid major downtime.

Managed Disaster Recovery Backup

Managed disaster recovery backup provide you with a full backup of all of your company’s data, from individual files to a complete copy of your entire system with Windows operation systems installed. This is a must-have and necessary in case your system or network become compromised by a hacker, malware, or damaged by a disaster. Your systems can be back up and running in as little as a few hours, like nothing ever happened.

Managed Email Hosting

As businesses continually look for new ways of communication, email remains a flagship method for intra-company and business-to-business communications. Managing and maintaining a company’s email system can be major task, especially when it comes to reliability and security.

Your company need to make sure that its email service is never down and has a 100% up-time guarantee. Also, it needs to make sure that all communications are not transmitted over an unsecure POP3 (Post Office Protocol) or SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) service.  Microsoft Exchange provides tools for email, calendar, task management, and live chat to enable your company to minimize costs and free up your time to close more sales.

Cloud Hosted VoIP Phone System

Imagine being able to have a call transferred from your office to your mobile phone without tying up any phone line in the office. The ability to have multiple offices located anywhere in the country connected together without buying a single phone system, ever.

The future of advance phone system is now here and it’s Cloud Hosed VoIP Phone System. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Phone System provides a host of unbeatable features such as, unlimited local and long-distances calling, unlimited auto-attendants, caller ID, call queues, conference bridge, custom greetings, find me/follow me, music on hold, ring groups, time-based routing, unlimited extensions, virtual fax, voicemail to email, and more!

Cloud-hosed VoIP phone systems provide businesses a faster and more reliable phone service while saving money. Because VoIP runs through the internet rather than traditional analog phone lines, it scales with your company without the extra hardware or installations. Whether you have an office of 3 users or 100,000 users with multiple locations, this is the phone system of choice.

Managed Cloud Services

Whether you are looking to move your shared files to the Cloud, run your business applications (such as QuickBooks, Sage Accounting, etc.) or host Virtual Desktops, the cloud now has the ability to securely accommodate all of your needs.

Gone are the days of managing your files to fit on your hardware. With the cloud, you can have virtually endless storage and processing power accessible through your entire network. Access data anytime anywhere. Since each system is hosted in the Cloud, you don’t have to worry about multiple users slowing down your network. With Managed Cloud Service, you will lower your cost and overhead, improve scalability, performance and accessibility.

Managed Network and Security Services

Many hackers are entering the world of cyber-crime to find their goldmine. What’s sad is that with easy access of the web, these criminals are easily learning how to compromise a company’s network within a few minutes and using fewer keystrokes. The future of IT will rely heavily on securing and protecting company’s most valuable assets, its data.

Protect your data and prevent hackers attacks with managed network and security services. At NB Technology, we provide endpoint security protection services to prevent exposing your network, network appliance management to reduce costs, and data & voice cabling to reduce slowdown.

Complete IT Services

Streamlining your IT processes allows you to spend more time focused on your business while taking advantage of technologies to reduce business expenses. By having one number for all of your IT needs, you no longer have to rummage around for phone numbers related to each service. Instead, you work with someone who understands your company and is better equipped to handle any problems that might arise.

We work with all third-party technology vendors on your behalf. Since we speak their language, we understand them better. That’s the benefit of NB Technology: just one phone number for all of your technology services.

Contact us to get a free assessment or quote for any of our services.

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