Thank you for visiting this page and get ready to make as much extra income as you want. Our company prides itself in providing the best services to small and large businesses. If you are using our services then you know this statement is true and if you are not, try us and find out.

We want to share the profit with you, so we are giving you up to $150 per each customer you bring to us. There is no hard work to do. Just tell the company that you recommend NB Technology to help them with technology their services needs. Then call us with the referral at (704)644-1220 or come to this website and enter the Company's Contact person's name and phone number and your information so we can give you the credit and cut you a check. It's just that simply!


Things to listen out for that will help you refer us:

  • Our computers and or servers are running slow or is down
  • Our network is down
  • Our emails are down
  • Internet is slow
  • We need phone and internet services
  • We are starting a new business
  • We need a new website
  • We need to backup our files
  • We need to move to the cloud
  • We need better network security

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NB Technology has come to the rescue and allowed me to become more effective and efficient. They genuinely asked the necessary questions that provide the best solution for what is needed. They worked overtime during the initial set ...

Tony Marder

President at ASM Ventures Corporation