Guard your business against threats, regulate network traffic and keep your critical applications running without sacrificing network performance – these are the daily toll that a big number of ITs in your office must do.

With the network and security services of NB Technology, we provide our clients the protection of all your data which ensures adequate security of the systems or of data transfers. NB Technology Security Services provides intelligent approach to security that incorporates security intelligence, analytics and external threat intelligence. With their enterprise – class Network Security Services, clients can be sure that what their experts can provide key revenue opportunity and take the responsibility off from business owners who are having difficulties dealing with essential network defense tasks.


Data & Voice Cabling

Structured voice and data cabling is a very important component to ensure optimum performance from your network. With this said, professional and structured cabling are what you needed to keep your network modern.

Managed Network & Appliance Security

Companies sometimes opt to use network appliances instead of general purpose computers. Network appliances are computers that are designed for business purposes. They have internet access but, lacks some of the properties of a regular computer.

Managed Antivirus & Threat Protection

Nowadays, companies give their employees, business partners, and clients access to their corporate network through the use of the internet and various endpoint devices


NB Technology is a lifesaver. I have had the occasion to need the services of NB Technology for several computer/IT "emergencies". Each time NB Technology DELIVERED. I would recommend NB Technology to anyone wanting professional computer/IT services that ...

Jeffrey Baker

Owner at Ranger Protective Services