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Microsoft does NOT back up your Office 365 data

Office365 cloud backup
By : Moses Nueman Jr. Cloud Comments 0

Did you know that Microsoft does not back up your Office 365 data?

Whether it’s using Outlook for emails or Excel for spreadsheets, many companies use Microsoft Office 365 for their business. With its use of the cloud, Office is better than ever. However, many users would be surprised to learn that even with cloud integration, Office 365 does not provide a comprehensive data backup.

This isn’t to say that Office 365 provides no possibilities for retrieving your data. Microsoft provides regular backups of its own system to guarantee uptime and easily recover data if one of its data centers experienced trouble. In addition, OneDrive has 90 day retention on its recycle bin, and deleted emails on Outlook last for 30 days, allowing individuals to recover data that might have been deleted accidentally. Microsoft has recently updated this so that admins can change the amount of time before items are deleted permanently, but this only applies to Outlook.

Even with the ability to recover files for a limited time, this only provides limited data protection. While Microsoft provides regular data backups, it does not protect individual user’s data. Instead, this is only to protect from large-scale issues affecting Microsoft itself. In addition, the recycle bin feature is only available for item-level recovery over a short period of time. If any of your data is corrupted or accidently deleted, it is the responsibility of the business owner to restore that information. Office 365 is also prone to syncing errors and at risk for malware attacks. Because of this, business owners need to be prepared with other means of data recovery.

It is crucial to make sure that your Office 365 has a full managed nightly backup.  This is because a simple data corruption or a ransomware virus infection will render all of your company’s valuable documents useless. Having your own data backup or complete data recovery are the only ways to guarantee that your system is safe in times of disaster. With these services, you are able to back up your data to a specific point in time, allowing versatility to recover everything from a file accidently being deleted to malware affecting your entire system.

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What measures do you take to ensure that your office files are protected?

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