NB Technology believes that communication is a vital ingredient to your business success. Aside from the traditional business email, chat is also integrated to provide customers with immediate access to help and answer in real time precision. For e-commerce sites, this would significantly cut the waiting queue to a fraction and also increases the chances of overall sales.

When customers engage with live chat representative, the overall experiences according to survey, are positively quick and simple for it bring very small level of interruptions to the customer’s shopping experience. Shorter than a phone queue, agents/employees also has access to customer’s browsing history and activity which results to a more comprehensive and helpful advices. Not only is a sale magnate, chat integration also a revenue magnate by cutting down manpower. Live Chat support can handle 4 or more chats at the same time compared to a phone support that can only cater to one call at a time.

In this highly competitive market, online shoppers are savvier and are expecting more from vendors. Delay in email communications are unacceptable and if you are not using chat in your service you may be losing valuable sales opportunity and happy customers.

No more buried email messages and lost sales opportunity with NB Technology.



NB Technology has provided us the piece of mind of knowing that everything is being backed up. I've lost numerous things in the past and that means a lot to me now. Also, the ability to just have ...

Emily Cole

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