Cloud Server Hosting has the ability to modify servers and software’s. It is also faster, more efficient and costs less compared to standard servers. Charging only what is used by the client, the cost is measured per hour so it gives the client control parallel to the budget.  It is reliable compared to shared hosting, especially when an issue occurs, the performance is not affected since cloud hosting isolates each server.

This way you can run your website smoothly without thinking or worrying about the hosting solution since that is the concern of the provider.

  • When it comes to security comparing a cloud server to a standard server, the cloud server is safer. The data is distributed to many servers for security and is also protected for hardware failure to ensure that the data are secured and updated.
  • Scalability is one of the advantages of having a Cloud Server. Iin just a few seconds you can expand or reduce the server. So the client can adjust the server depending on the demand which helps the client to save money. Also there is no problem when it comes to adding new servers or upgrading because it is easy to use and fast.

Still asking the edge of Cloud Sever over Standard Server?  Call us at 704-644-1220 and we will let you know why.



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