One of the latest trends when it comes to IT today is the use of Cloud devices. This method allows you to access and store data online. You wouldn’t have to really on your computer’s hard drive anymore. Furthermore, you can access your data anytime and anywhere, making it more accessible.

NB Technology wants your life to easier. This is one of the reasons why their services include the use of Cloud Computing.


Managed Cloud Hosted Desktop

Managed Cloud Hosted Desktop are built for users to maximize mobilize productivity within a secure environment. It is a combination of technologies including hardware virtualization and some form of remote connection software.

Managed Cloud Server Hosting

Managed Cloud Server Hosting has the ability to modify servers and software’s. It is also faster, more efficient and costs less compared to standard servers. Charging only what is used by the client, the cost is measured per hour so it gives the client control parallel to the budget.

Managed Cloud Application Hosting

A business that relies most of its operation on line needs a consistent access to virtual server, high performance cloud and custom dedicated hardware.