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How to Stay Cyber-Safe During the Holidays

How To Stay Cyber Safe During The Holiday
By : Moses Nueman Jr. Security Comments 0

The holiday season is here. With Christmas just around the corner, many individuals are focused on what to buy loved ones for the holidays. However, individuals still need to be aware of potential security risks that the holidays bring, and how to stop them. Here is what you need to know to gear up for the holidays:

Virus, Malware, Trojans and Hackers

Hackers don’t take a break for the holidays. In fact, last December reported the most internet scams in a single month, costing consumers $2.3 million. One example of this was the ransomware called “Merry Christmas” which infected computers in January 2017, stealing everything from credit card information from point-of-sale systems to passwords and dropping a secondary infection onto the hard drive. While most hacks aren’t Christmas-themed, they all have the potential to be disastrous to your business.

The best way for businesses to protect their files is to have an Enterprise-Grade Antivirus Protection and Complete Disaster Recovery Backup. Should hackers hold your systems for ransom, you will be able to maintain all of your files without paying tens of thousands of dollars to criminals. Need help deciding the right type of backup solution for your business? Take a look at our guide.

Mobile Shopping

Mobile shopping has been on the rise during this holiday season. Because of this, cyber-thieves are exploiting sites with weak security to steal credit card information. Mobile shoppers should especially be wary of SIM Swap, where hackers impersonate the user’s cell phone. Hackers use this to bypass SMS-based passcodes, getting into everything from shopping sites to bank accounts. As with other forms of data breaches, the best way to protect yourself is to avoid entering your information on suspicious sites or opening unusual email links.


During the holidays, hackers will especially work to either steal payment information or hold your systems for ransom. To thwart their attempts, shop online only at reputable sites and never open unfamiliar links or suspicious special offers. Stay up to date on your antivirus software and data backups to add an extra level of protection.

Contact us to learn more about how to protect yourself during the holidays or to set up a complete disaster recovery backup.

Stay safe, and happy holidays.

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