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How Secure is the Cloud?

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By : Moses Nueman Jr. CloudSecurity Comments 0

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When you prepare for disaster, you need to know where the best place is to store your data. The cloud (through providers such as Dropbox, iCloud and Google Drive) provides an online space for your files, creating a seemingly secure location in case of disaster. But how secure is it?


There are numerous benefits to having your files in an online location. Online storage systems are safer than files stored on personal servers. Cloud providers offer heavily-encrypted systems should hackers attempt to break through their systems. Similarly, in case of theft or a power outage, all of your files are conveniently in one place. Dropbox even lets you auto-sync your work so that you always have the latest version, massively cutting downtime should you lose any of your physical files.


If any of your files get infected by malware, the corrupted files may be synced to the cloud. This has the potential to irreparably damage your files. Another potential issue is that when you upload your files to the cloud, you lose control of the keys to your security. It is up to the cloud provider to keep your information safe- something not everyone is willing to risk.


The cloud is not meant to be a security service. It is a great (and relatively secure) place to store your files in order to easily transfer information and work on your projects from any device, and that is how it should be utilized. While the cloud is a better option than only having your data stored on your computer, nothing beats a well-planned data backup or complete disaster recovery to guarantee your files are safe.

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