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How Are You Taking Advantage of SD-WAN?

Are you taking advantage of SD-WAN
By : Moses Nueman Jr. Internet Services Comments 0

How much does your business lose when you go without internet for a few hours? What about a day; or worse, a week? In today’s business landscape, even small pauses in internet for a few seconds can be critical during a client phone call or other important event. Now think of what you could accomplish without having to worry about being down. This is the primary benefit of using SD-WAN.

SD-WAN is revolutionizing the way companies communicate. SD-WAN provides a faster, more inexpensive, more reliable network when compared to traditional WAN. With a growing number of companies adopting SD-WAN, here is what you need to know to start taking advantage of it:


SD-WAN uses multiple sources of internet services and combines them into one larger feed. This is just like using two fire hoses to put out a burning house. The benefit is that even if one Internet goes down, the other ones continue to run, allowing the company to never miss a beat.


SD-WAN grows with you. Whether you are adding one new office or twenty, SD-WAN allows new offices to integrate with the existing network almost immediately without needing to reconfigure any routers or switches. Similarly, you can expand anywhere in the world without worrying about borders.


SD-WAN might appear at first glance to have potential security risks because of its use of the cloud. However, SD-WAN both segments and encrypts network traffic, making it difficult for hackers or malware to interfere. In addition, SD-WANs increased visibility allows more control to stop a potential issue quickly.


Traditional WAN gets bogged down when bandwidth gets too high. With increasing use of video and augmented reality, WAN requires continually higher bandwidth to prevent slowdown. SD-WAN provides faster speeds by detecting how much bandwidth is needed and adjusting accordingly to find the optimal path.


Because SD-WAN uses the cloud, it is far less expensive than traditional WAN. SD-WAN similarly does not require companies to spend extra money for high bandwidth, router reconfiguration, and maintenance.

SD-WAN provides enterprises the ability to intuitively register and adapt to current conditions. This allows business owners to focus less on potential bandwidth or network scaling issues as their businesses grow, making it an easy choice for growing businesses.

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Office networking is changing. Are you changing with it?

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