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Future-Proofing: the Hidden Treasure of IT

future-proof your company Charlotte NC
By : Moses Nueman Jr. Cloud Comments 0

Look- future-proofing isn’t the most fun or most critical thing people think about when planning IT. In fact, it usually sits in a corner collecting dust and cobwebs while all the new gadgets are being thrown around. That’s a shame too as future-proofing can be done right and is fun (or at least not nearly as much of a headache) when done correctly.

What is future-proofing?

The point of future-proofing is to plan your technologies and systems in such a way that you maximize your investments to get the most out of your IT. Technology typically goes out of date about as fast as it takes to install it. It is incredibly frustrating to spend the time and money to cable in a new office or transfer to a system just for it to become obsolete. It’s not sustainable. You need to plan based on what’s coming. Think through what has the ability to be updated and expanded to prepare for the months and even years to come.With future-proofing, you plan your systems around tomorrow rather than today. For any new technology, be intentional on why you are getting it.

what is future-proofing charlotte nc

  • How functional is the product?
  • Can it scale to accommodate new resources and company growth?
  • How does the product adapt to different technologies and upgrades?
  • Is it cost-effective?

Thinking through these questions will inform you whether a product is useful for your business and its sustainability.

The Cloud

Using the cloud is a no-brainer when it comes to sustainability for your business. Need to quickly connect a new office? No problem. Adding in 100 new employees? Already done.

future-proofing cloud Charlotte nc

The cloud gives you the freedom to expand and upgrade without the hassle. This isn’t just for files either. Internet-based systems are the future of technology with a continually higher percentage of the budget going to them every year. Internet services such as SD-WAN allow you to grow your business anywhere in the world almost instantly. Meanwhile, phone systems such as VoIP save you money without the trouble of an onsite install.


Change will happen. However, future-proofing doesn’t mean to continually buy the latest and greatest technology on the market. In fact, future-proofing will most likely allow you to get more out of your IT services for less. Develop a plan to best serve you and your business through any situation, and you’ll be on the right track to making the most out of your IT.

Have you future-proofed your company?

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