Are you interested in extending your Windows file sharing experience to the cloud?

Are you looking for answers to any of the following questions?


  • Can I share documents with my co-workers? (Internal File Sharing)
  • What about collaboration with customers, partners or other external users? (External File Sharing)
  • Can I keep file servers in multiple offices synchronized? (File Server Synchronization)
  • Can I maintain one global view of all data? (Global Name Space)
  • Can I send large files in an email? (Large File Transfers)


With our Managed File Sync and Share solution, you can confidently say ‘Yes’ to those questions.  The reason you can say ‘Yes’ is because our approach to cloud file sharing is different.


Very different.

We realize that it is not enough to just move to the cloud; it is also important to maintain the benefits we used to get from Windows file sharing. These include Windows security, on-premise control and the familiarity of things like a mapped drive on your desktop.


NB Technology is focused on combining the best of both the old (Windows File Sharing) and new (Cloud File Sharing). You get all the security, control and familiarity of Windows File Sharing, with the benefits of Cloud File Sharing.


Please contact us for more information or sign up for a free trial today.

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I know NB Technology from the Gaston Regional Chamber and their business came highly recommended from others in the community. When we were having computer issues in 2009. We called on NB Technology on numerous occasions to address ...

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