Email is one of the most important platform to get business done and will remain to do so for more years to come. It is widely used for intra- company communication. Despite the rampage of live chat support tools, communication through email is undeniably the best way to reduce geographic and time zone barriers for businesses.

When choosing email service provider, the amount of storage, the attachment size limit, ability to set up filter and folders, and online/offline virtual fortress should be kept in mind. And, because business email are heavily intertwined with all online activity, the company to entrust this type of service must be equipped with the right tools, strategies and people.

This is NB Technology - Commitment, Integrity and Innovation for your business’ greater future.


Business Email with Chat

NB Technology believes that communication is a vital ingredient to your business success.No more buried email messages and lost sales opportunity with NB Technology.

Hosted Exchange Email

Hosted Exchange email will give you high end communication tools while working on the double to minimize cost and free up the core employees from IT related dilemmas.

Encrypted Email

Any organizations will likely benefit from email encryption software because of increased ratio of sensitive data being transmitted through email.


NB Technology helped the church move the network files from our server at the office to the cloud. I like the cloud and can access some of my work from home.

Linda Black

Bethlehem Church