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4 Phenomenal Questions to Determine the Best Data Backup Option for You

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By : Moses Nueman Jr. Data Backup Comments 0

We’ve been throwing around the term data backup lots lately. Backups allow businesses to minimize downtime and potentially save hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue. However, it can be tough choosing the best fit for your company. Do I go with a data backup or complete disaster recovery? Do I do it myself or leave it to someone else? We’ve developed four questions to determine the best pick for you:

How much of my business is dependent on my computer systems?

The more important your computer system is in your business, the more critical it is that you are back online as soon as possible. A data backup typically saves all your data files but not your installed software and its configurations. If you need your system back up and running as soon as possible after a disaster, this is not the best option since it does not restore your software and its settings.

In contrast, a complete disaster recovery backup essentially replicates your hard drive. This includes the Microsoft Windows operating system, all software installed and their configurations, printer drivers, network connections and personalization.  Choosing a complete disaster recovery backup takes the guesswork out and restores everything back to the last backup. There is no need to hunt for the Microsoft Office CD or Quickbooks software and product keys.  With a complete disaster recovery backup, a PC or server can be restored within an hour in most cases. The main benefit is minimizing your downtime, allowing you to focus on your business.

What is my technical knowledge?

Data backups are not for the faint of heart. There are many bugs that might occur during a data backup or disaster recovery. Even the slightest error might result in problems either setting up the backup or restoring it. We recommend having at least a moderate knowledge of computers before attempting to create your own backup.

How much time can I afford to spend on backing up my data?

Creating and maintaining data backup plan will take time if done correctly. This is not a process that should be taken lightly. In fact, the survival of your business may depend on being able to restore your company’s data in time. Because of this, making sure all the essential files and databases are properly included is critical. Verifying backups in case a failure is crucial and must be done manually. Taking time out of each day to do this might be daunting. In contrast, hiring a company lets you focus on your business while they manage all aspects of the backup daily.

What is my budget?

Hiring a company to manage your data backup and complete disaster recovery plan will inevitably cost more than doing it yourself. For those with low budgets, doing it themselves will save money, but it may be at the risk of more money spent on recovery down the line.

When it comes down to it, you need to weigh cost against time and risk. Performing your own data backup or disaster recovery takes technical experience to be confident there are no bugs in the system. If you have the time and ability to make this happen, this can be a wonderful option through options such as Carbonite. However, this is not as realistic for individuals with a busy schedule or are unfamiliar with performing data backups. Instead, choosing a company that provides a quality backup guarantees you will always be protected. Click here to learn more about why data backups are essential for businesses.

What type of data backup do you use?

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