Complete Disaster Recovery Solution


A Complete Disaster Recovery Plan is essential to every organization and should be at the very top of every organization decision maker’s list. Complete Disaster Recovery Plan is your number one insurance policy and plan in the event of a disaster. No amount of money can truly replace the loss of years or even months of critical business databases and documents.

Disaster means so many things. It could just be a complete hard drive failure or a user accidental or deliberate deletion of your entire organization’s data. It could mean a natural disaster from mother nature, such as a Tornado, Hurricane, Wild Fire or Flood. It could also mean that a cybercriminal hacker infiltrated your organization’s network and stole and/or wiped out your entire database of records and documents..

However it happens or whenever it happens, the one crucial question you should be able to answer at all times is, "Will our organization fully recover from a disaster and how quickly will we be back up and running?".

When putting together a fail-safe Complete Disaster Recovery Plan, it is very crucial to have a company that not only help you implement it but also one that will manage, monitor and be present at a moment's notice to help restore and have all systems operational.

This is what we do. Our first step is to understand your business processes, review with you to determine all of your organization’s necessary crucial systems and data. Based on your organization’s  need, we will determine how critical and what backup frequency is necessary to maintain your system uptime.

The best Complete Disaster Recovery Plan is one that includes the fastest and most reliable form of restoring your system to any location of your choosing and to any dissimilar hardware system if required. The Backup plan we recommend for most businesses is one that includes both on premises and off-site Cloud backup. (We recommend this, because with the on-premises data backup, restoring takes less time and with off-site Cloud data backup, restoring will depend on your internet speed bandwidth).

Having your Complete Disaster Recovery Plan with us means that we take over the burden of making sure your organization is protected in case of any kind disaster.

What we will do:

  • Create a fail-safe plan
  • Install necessary local hardware (if applicable)
  • Install and configure automatic disaster recovery tool
  • Backup, Test and Verify data backup
  • Monitor regular backup log for successful completion.


NB Technology has come to the rescue and allowed me to become more effective and efficient. They genuinely asked the necessary questions that provide the best solution for what is needed. They worked overtime during the initial set ...

Tony Marder

President at ASM Ventures Corporation