In the IT world, data backup means copying and archiving of business’ data. Its two primary goals are to recover data from an earlier time or restore data after its loss or corruption.

Based on the survey made by Boston Computing Network, in 1999, American businesses lost around $7.6 billion dollars due to viruses. Additionally, organizations that are not able to resume its operations in 10 days after data loss disaster are not likely to survive. These are some of the reasons how catastrophic it may be to lose your data without any backup. At NB Technology, we will help you prepare for the inevitable, we are:

  • Equipped with Backup Drive Redundancy
  • Capability to restore different versions of file instead of just “the most recent backup”
  • Targeted and Automatic backup
  • Customized schedule of backup to conform to your business’s workflow
  • Robust encryption for increase d security
  • Multiple Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices at each location with support block-level sync
  • Quick recovery of data. Just a few clicks from an individual email to an entire server
  • Offsite storage
  • Available 24/7/365

More and more data are collected in digital form. For the most security, NB Technology is the most affordable and effective backup solution to protect your precious system from data loss with the tried and tested method of data backup.

Stop rebuilding from scratch, disaster-proof your data. Contact us now!


NB Technology has provided us the piece of mind of knowing that everything is being backed up. I've lost numerous things in the past and that means a lot to me now. Also, the ability to just have ...

Emily Cole

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