Data Backup and Disaster Recovery are two different thing. Data Backup protects your data from technical issues, theft, or accidental deletion of files. With this type of protection, you can easily access a copy of your data and restore it easily. On the other hand, Disaster Recovery is a process wherein image of your servers and disk drives are mirrored. So, when a disaster occurs, the image will allow you to restore the system faster than reinstalling OS and copying files. With this said, your employees can continue working using the mirrored system within the day while the IT department works to resolve the problem.

NB Technology understands the needs of businesses of all sizes. We can address both physical and virtual environments of your organization fully. We will help you reduce the complexity of managing diverse servers, minimizes the costs of building and managing the disaster recovery infrastructure, and simplify the recovery process with its single console.


Managed Server & PC Data Backup

In the IT world, data backup means copying and archiving of business’ data. Its two primary goals are to recover data from an earlier time or restore data after its loss or corruption.

Managed Disaster Recovery Backup

Disaster recovery is a part of the business’ response to risk. It must be a well thought investment to mitigate the risk and make permutation possible.


NB Technology has provided us the piece of mind of knowing that everything is being backed up. I've lost numerous things in the past and that means a lot to me now. Also, the ability to just have ...

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