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6 Best Methods to Create and Protect Your Passwords for Cyber Security

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By : Moses Nueman Jr. Security Comments 0

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To get rid of hackers and malicious attacks online, you need to keep yourself safe. When it comes to subscribing to any services or websites online, you need to come up with passwords. Especially, passwords that is cyber security proof. Creating passwords should be taken seriously as using ordinary passwords can cause a big trouble to you anytime. So what are those things you should do so that you can create unique passwords and how you can completely protect them day and night? Here are some tips for you:

  1. Make use of a different password in each website you visit – you might have accounts on different social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter or you have two email accounts: one is from Gmail while the other is Yahoo Mail. If you are using one password for all of these then you are just making it easier for someone to hack your account. Instead of using just one password for all the websites you visit, come up with a different password for each one of them and get peace of mind.
  2. Make use of a combination of the lower case, upper case, symbols and numbers – make your passwords more original by coming up with combinations of numbers, symbols, and letters in both upper and lower cases. Avoid making your passwords more common.
  3. Change your existing passwords for each 3 months – do not forget to change your passwords for at least 3 months. This will be helpful a lot in decreasing the chances for someone to guess you password. If accidentally somebody else learns your password, you must change it right away.
  4. Use a password manager – a password manager is something that you can use when it is difficult for you to keep in mind all the passwords that you use for your accounts. You visit the apps stores where you can find different apps that work as a password manager. Most of the time, these apps are offered for free. A password manager is a very important tool that you can use in order to keep your password safer.
  5. Ensure that your computer comes with an anti-virus program that cyber security proof – there are different companies that provide some kind of all in one set of password protections. The anti-virus program that you use should have a feature called Network Security which is very important when it comes to ensuring your safety when you browse the web.
  6. Set up 2-step logins – a 2-step authentication will request you to sign in using your password and after that, there will be an added secondary sign-in. You get a numeric code that can be sent through email, text or phone call. Just think of this as a dual password. There are many websites that suggest two step authentication and these websites include Google, Twitter, Facebook and Microsoft.So these are the most effective methods that you can use when it comes to creating and keeping your passwords protected. Doing all these tips will make you confident enough in each time you surf the internet, regardless of your purpose for doing so.
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