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5 Stages of Data Loss

5 Stages of Data Loss Charlotte NC
By : Moses Nueman Jr. Data Backup Comments 0

Like it or not, you will experience data loss. Even if you manage to avoid malware and natural disasters, hard drives break down over time. What will you do when it hits you? Chances are it will go something like this:


You turn on your computer in the morning, expecting the same as usual. You have projects to complete and email to check. Suddenly, there’s nothing. There’s a pop up on your screen asking for money. You can’t close it. You can’t click off of it. You’ve done everything right. Data loss is something that happens to other people. It can’t happen to you, right?


It finally hits you: everything is gone. All of your hard work for nothing. You do not have time for this. You have things that need to get done. Your antivirus software should have covered this. Your IT guy must be able to do something.


Maybe there’s a way you can get your information back. You try turning your computer off and on again before starting your computer on safe mode. You start researching data recovery options. You’re a smart individual— there has to be something you can do.


You’ve tried everything. No matter what you do, there’s no way around it. You can’t get your data back. All that time you and your staff spent painstakingly crafting documents gone. It’s okay to shed a tear or two. You think “why didn’t I invest in a data backup when I had the chance?”


You are ready to come to terms.  You’re losing more than just a few personal photos, but you’ll push through. You have to. Your business depends on it. Expect to spend long hours into the night redoing work.

There’s one thing for sure: you won’t be making the same mistake twice.

5 stages of data loss charlotte nc

The truth is that most businesses don’t recover. If you’ve experienced data loss, even catching up one day can be devastating. The ONLY way to guarantee that you will not lose your data is to have a data backup in place (or that all-inclusive managed disaster recovery backup). This protects you no matter if your computer is hacked, broken, or stolen. You’re covered under any situation— without the grief of data loss.

How did you recover from data loss?

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