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How To Plan Your 2018 IT Budget

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By : Moses Nueman Jr. CloudData BackupManaged IT ServicesVOIP Phone Service Comments 0

As we are approaching the end of 2017, many CIOs and business owners are determining how to budget for IT for the 2018 fiscal year. With so many possibilities, here are our top picks for what you need to consider for 2018:


Improving security is often a company’s #1 focus when creating a budget— and for good reason. Hacks and other forms of malware are becoming increasingly common with each year. Companies need to make sure they enhance current antivirus efforts rather than just maintaining current programs. Similarly, companies should have a disaster recovery in place should their system be compromised.


Hardware is anything currently in your office or anything that may be purchased in the coming year. From laptops running out of date to misplaced cables, think through what you may need.

Tip: you may be able to save money on hardware costs by switching some functions online. A great example is saving up to 35% of your phone bill by using VoIP phone systems.

Complete Disaster Recovery

Complete disaster recovery provides a copy of your entire system whenever you need. Anything can happen in your business. Should you be impacted by flooding, hacking, accidental file deletion, theft, or countless other disasters, you need to preserve your years of work. Planning for a complete disaster recovery does just that.


Sometimes, things simply do not function the way they are supposed to. Consider the amount of time you may not have access to your systems. This can be through regularly scheduled maintenance or other problems such as power outages or human error. Account for either the salary of your internal IT staff or outside consultants.

Cloud Services

Increasing use in the cloud for 2018 is an absolute must. Moving your software and servers to the cloud allows for fewer software and maintenance costs while saving you time. The cloud is accessible on any device, allowing you and your employees to be more productive without worrying if your programs.


Not everything can be accounted for. In order to best prepare for the coming year, it is best to expect something left out during planning. Having a budget for this allows you to already have this covered without having to cut other areas of the budget.


The best way to plan for the upcoming budget is to reflect on the budget from the current year to the actual expenses. How much money went into each of the above mentioned categories? Where were problem areas?

Above everything else, think of how your IT plan benefits your overall business goals. Everything you put money into needs to serve a purpose. Many times with IT, especially security, this purpose will be preventative. However, it can make or break a business should their systems be compromised.


Contact us to get information on what to include in your 2018 budget customized for your specific business needs.

What is in your 2018 IT budget?

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