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Our company started in 1998 when computers were still big and bulky and users hardly knew how to operate them. Since then we have been helping businesses resolve day to day issues and protecting their systems against security threats.


Our main goal is being proactive and making sure your systems are maintained and working at optimum performance before you come in for work in the morning. The last thing you want is to come in to work with a pending deadline and your systems are running slow or down.


One thing that separates us from the others out there, is that we provide, manage, and help you with most of your other I.T. related services, like Email Hosting, Phone and Internet Services, Data Backup and Disaster Recovery, Network and Security Services, Cloud Services and more.


Why call 10 different companies for help when you can just remember and call one phone number for all?   One Bill, One Contact.


We are also active members of the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Bureau.


Our Motto is:
"Your success is our success and we will work harder to help you succeed."


Call us today. 704-644-1220


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NB Technology took over my company's IT service in 2009. They had my entire office hardwired for Internet capability in only a few hours and saved me hundreds of dollars from other bids I had received. I have ...

Kris Byus

Nationwide Insurance - Agency President